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Dutch voice over Portfolio

Welcome to my voice over Portfolio. In here you’ll find examples of my Dutch voice over work. I also do English with a neutral accent, European and international voices. The videos are split into different chapters. So it’s easy to find what you need! My latest work is at the top.




Neutral English 

Audio Book


Voice over Videos

Latest Videos 2019

Title: Philips Hue, Smart Lighting
Agency: VoiceSquad, London |Signify
Light up up your life with Philips Hue

Title: UCI Road World Championships 2018
English with cheerful Dutch accent

Title: Exxon Mobil
Agency: Mothertongue, Los Angeles
Can scientists turn Algae into fuel?

English with European | International accent videos etc

Title: Google
Agency: Chatterbox, London
English with European accent

Title: World Entrepreneur Awards, Monaco
Agency:  Giggle Group, UK
English with International accent

Title: Deltares – Juniper Networks
Agency: GoLocalise, London
English with Generic accent

Travel & Tourism Videos

Title: DFDS – Meer Schotland en Engeland
Agency:  VSI, London
Warm, friendly and enthusiastic

Title: Brussels – Belgium
Agency: A&E London, UNESCO
Friendly, informative, with authority

Title: TripAdvisor
Agency: Voicesquad, London
Hotel campaign 2018

Commercial Videos

Title:  Nature Valley
Agency: McCann, Manchester
Fun, young and bubbly

Title: Epson Eco Tank
Agency: Lipservice | Citizen Films
Smooth, warm and sexy

Title: Albelli Photo album
Agency: Soho Voices, London
Young, upbeat and energetic

Heritage & History Videos

Title: Blenheim Palace
Agency: UNESCO, History
Strong, genuine and friendly

Title: History HD Launch
Agency: A&E Networks, London
Promo for the launch of HD

Title: The House of Victor Horta
Agency: UNESCO, History
Warm, friendly and authentic

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