Like in sport there are many different sorts of activities and styles that require different skills to achieve your goal.

In Dutch & English voice over terms you can roughly divide these activities into the following main categories:

Commercials TV, radio or internet commercials
Corporate videos technology or product presentations
TV Promos ‘mini commercials’ for TV programmes
Film trailers that stuff you see in the cinema
Documentaries for television channels
Narration plain & simple…museum guides, educational projects,     satellite navigation & telephone prompts, e-learning projects, airline       announcements and multi-lingual recordings.

Sometimes the requests are a little more crazy like, can you “talk like a little dancing mouse, play a fat cartoon-queen or be the voice of a doll’s house?” From a mouse to house….just ask ok

To hear some examples, take a look in my Voice Over Gallery.



"Saskia is far more than just a great voice-over artist. She is multi-talented and is an experienced,
intelligent and tenacious producer and organiser as well."

Richard Morgan, Head of On-Air,

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