Voice Over Direction

"He was acting a role rather than playing the part"
Every text has a job to do, to reach the right audience and to get the message across. It takes a lot more to make a commercial "fly" - rather then just reading the text.

In addition to my Dutch and English voice overs, I have been working closely with History, National Geographic Channel, and various advertising agencies to direct TV promos, documentaries and commercials to make them sound more dynamic and localised. A little direction, in the right direction, can make a big difference to your product.

So if you need help to find the right voice for your TV channel or if you are looking for a linguistic director for your project, feel free to give me a call to discuss your ideas.



"Saskia is far more than just a great voice-over artist. She is multi-talented and is an experienced,
intelligent and tenacious producer and organiser as well."

Richard Morgan, Head of On-Air,

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