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Saskia Bw
Saskia Bw
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About Saskia

Hello, I’m Saskia, a Voice Over Artist based in London, currently working for A&E Networks as well as doing freelance Dutch and English (European) Voice Overs.

I trained as an actress and started working in radio & television because it was such a great environment to gain experience in. I could combine all the things I like: acting, reading, doing voices, foreign languages, video and sound design.

I started out as a Classic FM Presenter for the Dutch Breakfast Show and then the transition into TV followed.  I love animals, so the next job for National Geographic was perfect!

Over the years I’ve gained a lot of experience and worked for many different TV channels, companies and international brands. I like to approach every project, however big or small, with an open mind to make sure it really comes to life.

It’s my job to make sure that your story sounds exactly as you imagined it and that we have fun creating it!

Client Feedback
What can Saskia do for you?

Voice overs come in all sorts of styles and require a wide range of skills, the most important thing is that you sound authentic and believable. Whether it’s in Dutch, English or another European Language, I can provide voice-overs for all of the following:

  • Commercials
  • Corporate Videos
  • Audio Tours
  • TV Promotions
  • Film Trailers
  • Documentaries
  • Narration

HOWEVER: Sometimes requests are a little more crazy “Can you talk like a boy puppy?” or be Celestia the little pony?  From a puppy to My Little Pony, just ask…

I have been many different voices over the years!

View my work
Merchant House
Corfu - Culture & Conservation

I’m also involved in a conservation project on the island of Corfu, helping to breathe new life into Old Perithia, a historic, heritage-protected village located in a valley just below the island’s highest mountain.

With its cobbled streets and semi-ruined houses, the atmosphere in Old Perithia is peaceful and friendly. When you visit the village, it literally feels like you are stepping back in time, with yiayias (that’s greek for grannies) preparing the fresh vegetables or cooking lunch and where the feta cheese really does comes from the sheep that roam the mountains. A village where time has almost stood still but where visitors and travellers are welcomed and can find a place to stay and rest their head on a luxury feather pillow in Saskia & Mark’s B&B The Merchant’s House.

So when she’s not in the studio you can probably find her somewhere around the square of Old P, chatting to the locals, learning about their traditions and helping them to restore the village to its former glory.

Old Perithia is like a little secret you don’t want to tell anyone about, but has now had some media attention including a visit from The Daily Telegraph, ITV (A Tale of Two Islands) and more recently the wonderful travel blogger Jamie Richtofen which are all helping it’s restoration.

Learn more about Old Peritheia

My Portfolio




English – International

Audio Book





English – International

Audio Book


Title: Linksys
Agency: Voice & Script International
The latest Wifi mesh system. Good for when you’re on the go and online.

Title: Cisco
Agency: Lipservice
“Tomorrow….it’s not just the day after today. Tomorrow is a goal. And a goal is a very powerful thing.”

Title: Shell
Agency: Voiceovers Ltd
I am often asked to record something in English with a European accent, here’s an example.

Title: Expedia
Agency: Foreign Versions
I recorded a string of adverts for Expedia which are always really fun to do.

Title: Unesco Blenheim
Agency: UNESCO, History Channel
Heritage protection is high on my list, so I was chuffed to be chosen by UNESCO for this series.

Title: Unesco Victor Horta
Agency: UNESCO, History Channel
This Unesco movie is about a beautiful house designed by the famous architect.

Title: Xerox
Agency: Global Fire
You have those days when nothing goes right – Right…?

Title: Pandora
Agency:  Multivoice International, The Netherlands
DO get what you wish for.

Title: Baileys
Agency: Voice & Script International
Gets you in the mood anytime…


Voiceover Directing

I have spent many years working in front of a microphone and in addition to my Dutch and English voiceover projects, I also work closely with several Television channels, including History, Crime & Investigation as well as advertising agencies to direct TV and Radio promos, documentaries and commercials.

A little direction can make a big difference to the end product.

“He was acting a role rather than playing the part.”

Every script should achieve two main objectives: reach the right audience and get the message across. It can take a lot more creativity to make a commercial fly, it’s not simply a case of reading the text.

If you need help to find the right voice for your TV channel, or if you are looking for a linguistic director for your project, please get in touch and we can discuss your ideas.


Professional Voiceover & Direction Services

Like what you see and hear?


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